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I offer professional therapeutic support to adults and young people who might be experiencing difficult life situations or who simply want to grow on a personal level. The main goal and content of therapeutic work is always guided by the needs of each client. I work with every individual or couple in accordance to their values and flexibly adjust my approach to their priorities and aims.


As a therapist, I have been working with individuals and couples since 2013. I opened my private practice in Prague in May 2016. I specialise in offering therapeutic support to individuals over 16 years of age and to adult couples. Through both individual and couples therapy, I help my clients to overcome crises, deal with unexpected life challenges and develop personal relationships.

Up until January 2016, I lived, studied, and worked in Ireland and England. I completed my master’s degree course in Psychology at the University of Chester. During my studies I completed specialised training focused on the counselling and psychotherapy of young people above the age of 16. In addition to my university programme, I received a number of certificates relating to the therapeutic support of adults, who have been dealing with high levels of stress and anxiety, suffered a significant loss, experienced relationship issues or burnout, or wish to improve their self-esteem or self-confidence. Thanks to a study programme of the American International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT) association, I have attended training focusing on couples counselling and have been working towards this certification.

Up until the end of 2015, I worked as a therapist in London for an international company that provides counselling support to clients from all over the world. With my professional background, skills and knowledge, I was able to support clients, who were experiencing an immediate crisis or considerable long-term exhaustion. Their emotional safety and overall wellbeing were my main concern. As a specialised phone counsellor, I was providing ongoing support to clients, who were not able to attend face-to-face sessions. As a therapist, I also worked in Chester (England) in a centre dedicated to women with a history of sexual and/or domestic abuse and in Galway (Ireland) in a service which specialised in supporting clients dealing with high levels of stress or who had a history of alcohol or drug abuse.

I am a member of the American International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy and the Czech Association for Psychotherapy. I abide by their ethical code and guidelines for leading therapeutic work.


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