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In person sessions: not available

Since 2020, I have been working exclusively online. Relevant research shows that online therapy can offer the same results as therapy held in person.

Individual psychotherapy: online

Online psychotherapy is suitable for all adults from 16 years of age, who feel comfortable when talking over the phone or video-chatting.

Couples counselling: online

Online couples counselling is suitable for partners who are experiencing a relationship crisis or wish to grow closer and do not insist on meeting in person.

Eliška Nuslauerová, MSc.

Psychologist & Psychotherapist

I obtained my master’s degree in psychology at the University of Chester (England) and completed my four-year training in psychotherapy and counselling at the Irish College of Humanities and Applied Sciences (Ireland). I provide individual psychotherapy since 2010 and couple therapy since 2018. I adjust my work to the needs, goals, and values of each of my clients and couples as I believe that only a personalised therapeutic approach can lead to positive and long-lasting outcomes.

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The Common Focuses of Therapeutic Work

Individual therapy sessions give clients the chance to recognise their own needs, identify their strengths, appreciate their positive characteristics and improve their self-confidence. Together, the client and the therapist work on identifying issues and aspects that may easily cause uncertainty or anxiety and, often unconsciously, limit the client’s personal growth. Many clients choose to focus on recognising and reducing their irrational fears and paralysing anxiety, while developing healthy self-esteem built on a solid foundation.
During individual therapy it is possible to, apart from other topics, focus on the client’s relationships. Therapeutic work allows the client to reach a better understanding of his/her past and present romantic and family relationships and also their own position in their personal and professional environment. Through individual work, it is possible to improve interpersonal communication and family dynamics.
The most common themes of individual therapy with young people include crisis resolution, overcoming trauma, coping with the impact of bullying, dealing with complicated family relationships, increasing self-confidence and self-esteem, realising one’s own worth, trusting oneself when making decisions and gaining independence. The privacy of younger clients (16-18 years of age) is respected in the same manner as the privacy of adults. However, if they find themselves in a difficult situation, which may lead to the endangerment of their physical safety, the therapist, based on their agreement, contacts one of the parents, whose support may have a significant impact on the improvement of the overall situation of the young client.
Couples counselling helps partners, who are in a short-term or long-term relationship, overcome a critical period or reoccurring relationship issues that may include infidelity and daily arguments. Therapeutic work offers both partners the possibility to put past disagreements aside, strengthen their mutual trust and deepen their bond. For some partners who are motivated to improve the quality of their relationship, it is not uncommon to restore their deep affection.